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TEMP: Engineer, May-August 2018

TEMP: Engineer, May-August 2018

Wanted: Electrical engineer in NYC to develop synchronized LED & mechanical controllers

May-August, 2018

Brooklyn-based artist Bradley Pitts is looking to hire an engineer to build new components for a body of work using high-speed LED strobes and synchronized shutters. These new components need to integrate with the current system which uses two multi-drop RS-485 communication links to link and synchronize all components. These two RS-485 links are distributed over CAT-5 UTP cables, and are electrically compatible with any TIA/EIA-485 compliant transceivers.

Pitts is looking for someone to build on top of this system to incorporate LCD shutters as well as additional mechanical shutters. This hire will be responsible for all design, testing, and production of working, plug-and-play components.

Please contact Bradley Pitts as if you are qualified and available.