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CALL: P-Comp Installation/Fabrication

Hi pals,
An architect friend of mine from Boston is looking for some fabrication help — see the post below and his contact info. He’s great; him and his wife are beginning to build their own public art + architecture practice. It’s a paid gig (obviously), so get in touch with them!
We are designers looking for a custom fabrication shop to work with us on a potential public art project.  It is a permanent installation consisting of a series of vertical polycarbonate tubes (8″ diameter x 8′-0″ tall) anchored to the ground with a flexible connection.  The tubes are internally lit with LEDs that respond by changing color and intensity when users push and pull on them.
We are looking for fabricators interested in quoting the entire project or just the interactive lighting components. 

Steven Karvelius
(815) 535-1071