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CALL: Autodesk Pier 9 Technology Center Residency

Autodesk Pier 9 Technology Center

Exploring the Configurable Micro-Factory

Where are the greatest opportunities for innovation in manufacturing?  The Autodesk Pier 9 Residency brings together companies, start-ups, and academics under one roof with Autodesk Research to explore technologies that contribute to the factory of the future.  From augmented reality production-line solutions, to collaborative robotics, to distributed manufacturing, we encourage you to join us in rewriting the definition of traditional manufacturing.

We offer access to our world-class workshop facility, including: industrial machines and equipment, desktop workspace, and -most importantly- our community of vibrant technologists who are pushing the boundaries.  Residency seats are available on a rolling basis, with a timeframe that can match your project or research trajectory.  We seek residents who will share their work as it relates to the Configurable Micro-Factory vision, will join us at Pier 9 for their residency, and who are excited to contribute to the thought leadership of this industry.

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