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JOB: Circular economy startup seeking CTO, web dev, UI/UX

By way of introduction, I am a 2018 grad from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and co-founder of rePurpose, a Mumbai-based social enterprise dedicated to creating a global movement of conscious consumers and brands working together to eliminate plastic pollution and empower marginalized waste workers.
Backed by the 2018 President’s Engagement Prize, a $200K seed investment granted by President Gutmann of the University of Pennsylvania, we are launching reBalance, a digital platform that enables individual consumers in the US and Europe to go plastic neutral and reBalance their environmental footprint by financially supporting waste worker organizations and waste management social enterprises in India and beyond.
Our vision is to create a circular economy where responsibility is shared ethically by manufacturers, recyclers, and consumers alike. We are seeking to launch a beta version of reBalance mid-January 2019 through a digital launch nationally in the United States and dedicated offline tactics in Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Mumbai.
To facilitate this lean launch, we are looking for interested freelancers/agencies who can help us with both web development (front-end & some back-end) and UI/UX design.
In addition, we are starting our hunt for a 4th co-founder/Chief Technology Officer to join the team – somebody well-versed in website/mobile app development, design and analytics, passionate about environmental sustainability & circular economy, and accommodative to the fast-paced and flexible life of seed-stage startups like ours.
We would highly appreciate any leads on both fronts, and if you are interested in what we are doing, feel free to reach out to us or sign up for updates here. We would love to hear from you!
The contact person is Peter Wang Hjemdahl and his contact email id is