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INTERN: ITP Internal Internship Opportunities for Summer

We have some very interesting “internal internship” opportunities to announce for Fall 2019. Please read below for more details. The first is titled “Research Workshop: Networks and the Built Environment” with Tom Igoe, and the second is titled “Context and Computing Internship” with Mimi Onuoha.
**An important registration note! Any students who get accepted to either of these “internal internship” opportunities, must register for ITPG-GT 2100 – Internship with me! To do this, visit this page on ITP Help, and fill out the Google form only after you have been accepted by either Mimi or Tom.**
Context and Computing Internship (2.0 units)
Mimi Onuoha

We’re in the middle of a number of societal conversations about politics, ethics and responsibility, particularly when it comes to subjects like AI and emerging tech more broadly. This internship is about stepping back, surveying the field, and demystifying what all of these buzzwords really mean. How should we be considering the technology we use and create? How do we historicize and situate ourselves in relation to it? And finally, how should we, here at ITP specifically, be approaching these topics? This experimental seven-week internship will be structured like a graduate seminar, but with the goal of creating output(s) that can be instructive to the ITP community.

Research Workshop: Networks and the Built Environment (2.0 – 4.0 units **depending on total hours to be worked – see ITP Help for the hours/per unit requirement breakdown**)
Tom Igoe

Most of us are aware of our connections to the internet, but unaware of the many other networks which affect our lives. The buildings in which we live and work are heavily connected, in ways of which most people are unaware. This project aims to make the systems which connect our infrastructure more understandable to the general public.

In this project, we’ll research and write about these systems: building management systems, lighting and environmental control systems, power control systems, and others. We’ll assemble resources for others who need to know about these systems to use to get started. We’ll assume an audience that is not formally trained in engineering or computer science, yet somewhat technically literate. 

Summer Project Development Studio for AMC Networks (funded!)—Deadline extended!
AMC Networks is providing ITP with media—video, audio, still images, scripts, etc.—from some of their popular television series, including (but not limited to) The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad. We’re soliciting proposals from ITP students for projects that make use of this media to produce innovative narrative experiences with virtual/augmented reality, artificial intelligence and/or machine learning. Students whose proposals are accepted will be awarded funding to work on the project during Summer 2019. Starting in late May, we’ll meet as a group every week to report progress and get feedback from one another, with an eye toward presenting prototypes of the projects to AMC Networks at the end of the summer. Funding awarded to students may vary depending on the number of proposals we accept; we expect to award $1K to proposals from individuals and $2K to group proposals.
Proposal submissions: (due May 21st 2019)