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CALL: Eyebeam Artist Creators

Eyebeam, a non-profit org providing a platform for artists to engage society’s relationship with technology, is kicking off Digital Day Camp 2019!

We’re currently looking for artist-educators and enthusiastic teaching assistants, and we would love to have some of your students and alumni apply!

Digital Day Camp is an art and technology summer intensive for youth, where up to 40 high school students will engage in lectures, hands-on workshops, and creative play around this year’s theme of ACCESS:

How can artist-initiated projects and new technologies disrupt and refigure legislated and often constricted measures of access? How does a multiplicity of intersectional, lived experiences such as through disability, race, and gender inform, challenge, and invite reimaginings of what digital and physical access can be?

Session 1: July 15th – July 26th, M – F, 9:30am – 4pm

Session 2: July 29th – August 9th, M – F, 9:30am – 4pm

Location: 2 Metrotech @ NYU Tandon / Game Center, Downtown Brooklyn

Applications due on Submittable by Monday, June 10th, midnight.

Teachers Apply Here | Teaching Assistants Apply Here