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CALL: NYC Mayor’s Office, Fellowship, Unpaid

Product Management Fellowship

What can you expect to do in this role?  
Working inside the New York City Mayor’s Office of the Chief Technology Officer, you will assist with a range of activities related to creating user-centered digital experiences, products, and services. You will work alongside designers, developers, user researchers, content managers, and policy experts in a dynamic agile team. You will work to keep sprints on track, following up on key work, and ensure nothing is left behind when we are working quickly.
What you will gain through this internship? 
 Hands-on experience planning agile/scrum ceremonies (sprint planning, retrospectives,
estimating impact/effort) in an agile work environment. 
 An understanding of how to execute agile projects in traditional waterfall environments; working with external stakeholders who may be unfamiliar with contemporary development practices. 
 Practical product management experience; scoping and prioritizing work to reflect the diverse
needs of many stakeholders, the limits of technology platforms, and available time to build
What you bring to the team 
 Agile working. You understand agile methodology and how to apply the principles in practice.
You can take an open-minded approach; you know why iteration is important and can do it quickly. You enjoy enabling a team to run smoothly as much or more than you do building something directly.  
 Digital, Data, and Technology perspective. You demonstrate an understanding of design,
technology, and data principles. You understand the range of available technology choices and are excited to learn from designers and developers about what it takes to build and ship digital products and services. 
 Experience of working within constraints. You understand the value of policy, legislative,
regulatory, and operational constraints and can find the simplest, shortest, and fastest solution for users.  
 User focus. You can identify needs and engage with users or stakeholders to collate user needs evidence. You understand and can define research that fits user needs. You use quantitative and qualitative data about users to turn a user focus into outcomes.
How to apply: 
If you are interested in a Fellowship on our team that would be term-limited or part-time, please answer a few basic questions and submit a cover letter and resume using this form. 
 This will be an unpaid position.  
 Our team’s work week is Monday through Friday, with a standard ~35hr
work week; your commitment would be up to full time, based on discussions we have together.
Changes to your schedule and time off would need at least a week’s notice.  
 Given the current guidance from the Mayor, our team is working remotely, and you will be expected to work remotely as well. If the guidance changes, we may expect you to join us in person in our office in lower Manhattan.  
 Start date is as soon as is practical, once paperwork is completed. 
 End date would be no sooner than July 31 st , 2020.