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INTERN: Rillavoice, UX/UD Design Intern

We’re a venture backed startup building voice recognition ai to
        capture insights from the billions of conversations happening in
        offline commerce. Think when you go shopping and you talk to a sales
        associate, when you order fast food at the counter, when nurses talk
        to patients. Consumer facing employees, wear a mic, our software
        listens, and it captures analytics like who the customer is, what they
        care about, and how was their experience.

        Everything google analytics did for e-commerce we are doing for the
        remaining 90% of commerce that still happens offline.

 You’ll be working under our CEO conducting user interviews, designing
        wireframes, visual design, and presenting deliverables that will be
        shipped into code the next day.

        We are currently redesigning our web app for our enterprise users,
        which includes our analytics dashboard, as well as our signup

f an internship, what specifically will an ITP student learn?:
      They will learn about designing for enterprises. They will gain
        experience about how to talk to users, and discover useful feedback
        from their conversations. They will learn how to design graphic
      analytics dashboards or improve.

Required Skills:
      Experience with wire framing software like Figma, and visual design
        software like Photoshop.

        Experience with CSS/Bootstrap and front end coding is a plus but not

Type of Position:
       negotiable based on experience

Compensation Package (if applicable):

Weekly Hourly Commitment:

Academic Term:
      Summer 2020

Application Instructions:
      Reach out to and send us your stuff! (website,
        portfolio, etc). If we like it, we’ll reach back out to schedule a
        short interview to get to know you better. If we’re a fit, we’ll let
        you know, and you can join the team asap.