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CALL: MetroCAF 2020

 MetroCAF is a terrific way for your students to get greater exposure for their pieces – and let’s not forget that this exposure also extends to your institution. As a faculty member / advisor, you may also enter your students’ work provided that the e-mail and other information provided with the entry is that of the student; the e-mail cannot be a generic one generated by the school for the purpose of entering this festival. The reason for this is that we must be able to contact the student directly about their piece. (Is everyone okay with putting this in here? This might get us more pieces if the faculty member had the student files and is motivated to enter the student work quickly. I believe this is what we agreed upon – correct?)

The deadline for initial submissions is Friday, July 3, 2020. This means students still have over three weeks to polish up their productions.

As mentioned previously, we understand the challenge facing many students this year – especially the fact that many can only do some of their work, like rendering, at their school facilities. To assist with this, we will do an initial jurying phase after which any accepted pieces will be able to submit a final show version by Friday, September 4, 2020.