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INTERN: Human-Computer Interaction & Design

Our Company
We are a stealth-mode startup that is building a game-changing AI-powered SaaS application to
revolutionize financial planning around global assets.
The founders of this company are industry veterans with experience working at companies like Microsoft,
VMWare, and Amazon.
The Product (“Application”)
The product is a SaaS application built natively on public cloud. The core components of the application
are built and are undergoing internal UA testing prior to a controlled and limited beta testing.
The Team
This is a global team with members working across both North America (US) and Asia.
Interaction Designer (IxD Designer with UX Design Experience)
We believe thousands of users across multiple countries and cultures will soon begin to interact with our
SaaS application multiple times a day. You will lead the creation of these meaningful interactions and
relationships between our global users and our application. We believe in simplicity. You will choreograph
every interaction that users have with our application. You will study the workflows and design each
interaction to be simple, quick, and effective. We expect you to be highly iterative. You will execute,
measure, refine, and improve every interaction across our application. We are impressed with Apple and
Your background:
○ Bright and motivated graduate student (MS and PhD) currently majoring in HCI (or relevant
field) – specializing in Interaction Design (IxD) and UX Design.
○ Self-motivated and ability to work remote with a globally distributed technology team.
○ Ability to work cross-functionally with our software engineering team, product management,
marketing, and the founders.
○ Experience with the following methods:
■ Wireframing
■ Prototyping Events and Interactions
■ Usability Testing
■ User workflow
■ User journey map
■ User persona & stories
■ Market comparison research / competitive analysis
■ Affinity diagram
■ Microinteractions, navigation design and gestures
○ Experience with the following tools:
■ Programming: HTML, CSS, react (is a plus)
■ Prototype: Sketch, Marvel, or any IxD/prototyping tool
■ Design: Photoshop, Illustrator, or similar

● Internship begins Fall 2020
● Duration is dependent on the individual’s commitment to the project


Michael Ngo
Vice President Engineering