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CALL The 2022 Student Challenge Competition for G4C

We are thrilled to open the 2022 G4C Student Challenge competition! The submission portal is open from February 1st through April 8th, and students can submit digital games that address one of three social impact themes:

  • Shaping the World for Difference: Games that raise awareness about learning and thinking differences. (in partnership with Understood)
  • Sustainable Cities: Games about solutions to the climate crisis and ways we can make our homes, schools, and communities more resilient and sustainable. (in partnership with NRDC [Natural Resources Defense Council])
  • Voice of a New Generation: Games that demonstrate the importance of voting, propose solutions to make the process more accessible and encourage more young people to participate. (in partnership with The New Georgia Project)

This year’s competition will also feature four special award categories, with experts and industry leaders:

  • The Fair Game Writing Challenge, sponsored by the New York Videogame Critics Circle, will allow students to submit a Video Game Review and Poem. One student winner selected from each of the four regions will receive a $500 cash prize, special mentorship opportunities, and a potential publication opportunity.
  • The Game Accessibility Challenge will recognize games that introduce one or more accessibility features to support the gameplay experience for players with different abilities (visual, auditory, motor, or cognitive/learning).
  • The XR Innovation Challenge Powered by Verizon will recognize games created for an extended reality platform, including augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Games can be created using CoSpaces or other student-friendly platforms.
  • The Made with Unity Award will highlight and celebrate student games created using the Unity platform.

The 2021-22 Challenge will host several virtual events to support teachers, students, and parents, including virtual classroom visits from professional game designers, office hours, and virtual game jams. These events will allow students to prototype their social impact games before submitting them to the competition. Upcoming events include: 

G4C Virtual Game Jam: Shaping the World for Difference (February 12)
Join G4C to learn how to make your games playable by everyone and help raise awareness about learning and thinking differences. Register now!

G4C Student Challenge CoSpaces Workshop (February 19 & March 7)
At this workshop, you can learn how to use the CoSpaces program and aid your students with the XR Innovation Award category as part of the Student Challenge competition. Register now!