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JOB: Design & Art help for Things

Hello from Things 👋🏼,
We’re a new company with a mission to build digital creation experiences for younger audiences by offering positive screen time that stimulates your imagination. Riffing on the familiar language of block building games like Minecraft, we’re building a web based multiplayer voxel creation experience. It’s creative mode digital legos somewhere in between a game, a creation tool and a toy.
As the team design lead I am looking for design & art help in several areas of the project at the intersection of 2D and 3D. We’re interested in freelance creative talent in these different areas:
  • UX Designer – Design an efficient mobile version of our UI for both web desktop & mobile. This will need to embrace the latest mobile interaction patterns for a primarily 3D experience that leverages a light 2D inventory navigation system.
  • Visual Concept Artist (either 2D or 3D, bonus if you’re a voxel artists) – Help us imagine an inspiring visual style and world through color, landscape biomes, atmosphere and lighting. This visual language would need to be eventully translated to shader code for a real time experience.
  • Technical Artist – Using a solid grasp of Unity to help us with particle systems, item collection mechanics, shader code, inventory management, realtime materials, lighting and prototyping of various 3D building experiences.
  • 3D Character Creator – A 3D creator that can help us create an expressive 3D character through modeling, rigging and animation of a variety of emotes and movement cycles such as walking, jumping and flying. In addition, ensuring a deep animated connection to our 3D world.
If any of these roles sound interesting to you please reach out to discuss further!
– Karl Channell
ITP Alumni ’07