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OPP: OnboardXR

Interested in getting involved with live theatre/performance in VR/XR but don’t know where to start?

OnBoardXR – a season sandbox for live performance XR prototypes – is doing a 21-day challenge to take you from the beginning of an idea all the way to the finish line with an actual project that could be part of the upcoming iteration of OnBoardXR, itself.  And beyond! Afterwards you can take your work, expand upon it, iterate it or simply take the knowledge, experience and new connections you’ve made to add to your arsenal of skills.

They’re accepting folks from all experience levels and backgrounds, whether it’s writing, development, acting, creating 2D or 3D assets or anything in between … all are welcome! No equipment, no downloads, and no cost. **If you’re new to the field or a student pursuing this sort of thing, OnBoardXR was literally created for you.**

And it’s free, of course. In fact, artists who participate in the seasonal showcase get paid after the fact with a portion of ticket sales.

If any of this sounds even *remotely* up your alley, you can join the OnBoardXR discord: or learn more here: