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CALL: Art Center Nabi, Korea

Warm Greetings from Korea. My name is Haena Chu, assistant curator at Art Center Nabi, a media art center in Seoul.  


I am writing to inquire about distributing our open call through your school’s newsletters or post boards since we believe it would be a great opportunity for your students to engage in a proactive scene of art, technology and society, leveraging their practices into imminent concerns of the contemporary society.


We are looking for submissions in the form of media art, design and text under the theme of envisioning a ‘Planetary Mind’ and various forms of ‘we’ in the age of I

Art Center Nabi wishes to gather a community of people who could see the possibility of resonance among multiple minds, found across multiple cultures and philosophies that posit interconnectivity as human essence. This open call is part of Art Center Nabi’s international research project called East meets East(EmE) which experiments with art and technology to reshape the discourse around ‘East’ and ‘Asia’ through rethinking and reconfiguring contemporary media aesthetics, history, philosophy and art in the light of diversity and inclusivity in different media ecologies.


We hope that this open call can be a potent emblem in responding to emergencies of a planetary-scale such as COVID-19, climate crisis, and ongoing warfare around the world. It also counters chronic issues in hyperconnected society, such as the isolation of individuals and the effacement of humanity’s capitalist technologies. You can find details in the attached file above.


To give a little introduction about us, Art Center Nabi is the first media art organization to be established in Korea. We discover, support, and exhibit creative endeavors at the intersection of art, science and technology. Since 1999, Art Center Nabi has been at the forefront of experimenting with art, science and technology running numerous media art exhibitions, hackathons, productions, residencies, educational programs, and events. We are proud to be the first media art center in Korea, with a long history of collaborating with cultural institutions all around the world such as Rhizome, V2, Kronos Art Center, ISEA International, ELEKTRA Media Arts Festival, and SIGGRAPH Asia. (More can be found at:


Please let me know what you think of this proposition, and if there is any additional information I can provide.  

We would be most delighted to converse with and support your school community through our open call program.  


Best regards,

Haena Chu