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JOB: Director of Finance and Operations, Stanford Art & Art History

Hello Arts, and Arts & Design Academic colleagues!

I’m emailing because Stanford University’s Dept. of Art & Art History is looking for a new Director of Finance and Operations:

The Art Practice faculty, including myself, feel strongly that the ideal candidate is someone who has administrative experience at another arts institution, art or design department, or at least another organization where experimental fabrication processes are central.

While the job posting is very generic, the DFO has oversight over all of our art studio lab managers and facilities as part of the operations they manage, along with oversight of the gallery staff responsible for all departmental exhibitions. The candidate needs serious fiscal and managerial experience, but it’s a great full time employment opportunity for someone who wants a high level administrative position in an artistic and/or academic environment. I think the compensation & benefits are decent.

If you know someone who you think might be a good candidate, could you forward them this post ASAP?

Unfortunately this email is a bit of a “hail mary”, as a round of interviews are scheduled to start the week of August 8th. But, the interviews are scheduled for a couple weeks, and as of right now, the application post is currently still active.