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JOB: Three.js Creative Developer Position, Leo Villareal Studio

A fine art studio in Brooklyn, NY is seeking a creative coder to work collaboratively with our
in-house team developing parametric, animated, 3D, generative visuals using three.js and
custom shaders.
This is a project-based, work-for-hire, freelance position paid at an hourly rate. We are open to
candidates with full-time and part-time availability, with a preference for those who would be
able to work from our studio in Brooklyn.
● Work with creative team members, providing guidance on feasibility, approach, and
scope for technical implementation of creative ideas
● Implement features as requested
● Create and update user interfaces enabling customization and control of generative
● Perform cross-browser, cross-platform testing
● Benchmark code and specify minimum hardware requirements to run it
● Fully document all features and code

Required Skills
● Expert level knowledge of Javascript
● Experience using three.js
● Understanding of 3D geometry
● Thorough understanding of 3D rendering pipeline and webGL
● Experience programming shaders in GLSL
● Ability to design and implement user interfaces in Javascript
● Knowledge of version control best practices
● Interest in generative art

To Apply
Submit a resume and link to your online portfolio or examples of previous work to: