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JOB: Artechouse, audio-visual contractors

1238 Maryland Ave SW
Washington, DC 20024
Artechouse is seeking audio-visual contractors for future exhibitions at our NYC
location. Help build world class digital art installations with a talented and engaging team of
· Assist in the installation of audio-visual infrastructure for large scale digital art
· Build video walls, hang projectors and mount displays
· Perform troubleshooting for basic signal flow of audio, video and lighting
· Install LED bars, spot lights and similar lighting equipment
· Mount or hang speakers and other audio equipment
· Wire simple arduino-based systems
· Deploy scenic elements
· Strike previous exhibitions safely and efficiently
· Handle high-end equipment with care
· Attend short daily meetings for planning
· Understanding of basic audio, video and lighting theory
· Familiarity with the cables, equipment and signal flow involved in audio-visual
· Ability to treat professional equipment with care
· Knowledge of power and hand tools for installation of equipment
· Problem solving skills for troubleshooting
· Ability to communicate clearly with peers and senior staff alike, and demonstrate
comprehension and flexibility when taking direction
· Ability to operate with a clear head in a fast-paced production environment
· Maintain professionalism at all times
· Work positively with a team of diverse backgrounds and skill sets
· Organization and planning to work efficiently
· Ability to multitask with peers
· Excellent interpersonal skills
· Make clean decisions with safety and integrity
· Experience with AV or live theater installation in a similar professional environment
· Rate of pay to be negotiated upon qualification and acceptance
· To be considered, please email with a resume and brief
description of qualifications