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RESIDENCY: The Orchard at Marcom, Apple

Anyone who has graduated (undergrad or grad) and can commit to the full-time yearlong program is eligible. Ideally people have at least a year or so of experience (internships, projects, etc count) but it’s open to anyone.

The Orchard is a yearlong paid residency in Marcom focused on bringing emerging, diverse talent into our teams across many disciplines. We plan to have positions available for writers, designers, art directors, video producers, UX designers and web developers, brand managers, strategic and media planners, CG creatives, and interactive producers. The chance for ongoing, full-time employment in Marcom is possible upon completion of program.

Our application window is open and we’d love any assistance in getting the word out to your network! Please feel free to share this with any/all alumni or graduating students who may be interested, or let me know who else I can include on reach-out. Applications are open until 11:59pm on August 31.

This is the Orchard.
A 12-month residency program within
Apple’s Marketing Communications group.
It’s a team of fresh creative thinkers brought together at Apple. Talented individuals
with unique backgrounds and diverse personalities. Bonded by a passion to learn,
grow, and do some of their best work ever.
Our next class is up.
This group of talent will be bold. Curious. Different.
Are you ready to join something special,
working on things you’ve always dreamed of?
Here’s your chance.
Apply by August 31, 2022,
11:59 p.m. PDT