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CALL: developers and designers/creative technologists for Hurrah

A joint venture between Share Ventures and Hopelab, Hurrah is focused on building software that supports Gen-Z along their purpose journey. We’re currently looking to bring on developers and designers/creative technologists to catalyze the research and early prototyping that’s been done so far into a shippable product – more on that below. If you’re interested, please reach out to

Our concept of time is hard-coded with notions of productivity and busy-ness. This is *exemplified* in our calendar apps and the ubiquitous, Gregorian work-week-view that organizes our time, even outside of work, in hour-by-hour blocks. However, a growing number of people are looking to prioritize time for personal exploration, parallel play and rest, as they report feeling burnt out, anxious and/or depressed. What does this mean for the way we organize our time – and for the way we shape our calendars?

The general shift away from overly-optimized calendars is inviting important conversations about intentionality, safety and expression around time✧. How might we reimagine our relationship with the calendar as something that prioritizes exploration over obligation – seeing “scheduled time” as something that can be additive and inspiring rather than extractive and intimidating? How might we design a calendar that feels like a breath of fresh air, a step away from the computer, a surge of energy, a stretched field of grass, a wandering stream, a sprouting plant – an adaptive canvas for a renewed intentionality around time and the way we spend it on activities we’re passionate about and with people we care for?

This is our current mission: to design a calendar app – and subsequently a culture around time – that feels *different*. That leads with intentionality and purpose, that creates space for reflection and iteration, that encourages conversation, and that opens up a drawer full of renewed wonder and direction about our lives.