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JOB: Textile Arts Center, Artist in Residency Manager

Textile Arts Center seeks an experienced Artist in Residency Manager who will play a key role in implementing and supporting a range of opportunities for artists at TAC, including the Artist in Residence (TAC AIR) residency program.

The AIR Manager will be thoroughly committed to TAC’s mission and have a passion for working in a creative, community oriented arts environment. All candidates should have proven experience working with artists and knowledge of contemporary arts and cultural sector, with an emphasis in fiber/textiles medium.

See more information about the position and apply here by Sept 15th!  Program start date October 1.


You’re invited to the opening of Liminality at the Textile Arts Center.
Opening Reception: September 1, 6-8pm
On View: September 1 – 25
Gallery Hours: Sat-Thursday, 11am-7pm

Liminality* features works by Cycle 13 of Textile Arts Center’s Artist in Residence program. These artists are unified by their collective explorations of migration, memory, and healing through the nine-month residency; each working to challenge the physical, emotional, and theoretical thresholds they encounter.

Introspection is an inherent part of processing individual and collective trauma. How do we reconcile memories in an attempt to find a path forward? How do we communicate the stories that have formed us? As we retell and recount these stories to ourselves and over generations, our memories can morph and warp. By exposing these memories, we create a space for the comprehension of these stories and their origins.

Each artist’s piece offers insight into their inner world. The physicality and repetition of textile processes can lend themselves to a contemplative space. Healing can be found in the process of letting your hands hold those memories, teasing them into a different shape, and allowing for reexamination, again and again.

*1. relating to a transitional or initial stage of a process.
2. occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold.

Cycle 13 exhibiting artists are:

Adriana GramlyJia SungLinda SokLucas MontenegroMelika AbikenariTashiana St. AudeTinglan Huang