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JOB: Spring 2023 Teaching Opportunity at The New School

The School of Media Studies at The New School is looking to hire part-time faculty to teach several graduate courses this Spring.  Classes start January 23 and run to May 17, and Spring Break the week of March 13.

These are all graduate-level courses, and instructors should have a PhD, MFA, or be close to completing one, as well as previous teaching experience, and research or production experience in the area of the course.

Our courses are scheduled in the afternoons and evenings to accommodate working students, and are offered in Onsite/in-person, Synchronous on-line (Zoom), and Asynchronous on-line (Canvas) formats. Studio and Asynchronous on-line courses have a maximum of 15 students, Seminar and other courses have a maximum of 18 students.

Our part-time faculty are unionized, and compensation is set by the union contract, along with other benefits.

Please email me with a current CV and indicate which course(s) you are interested in teaching.

These are the course we are currently seeking an instructor for:

Immersive Narratives in AR/VR
Onsite/in-person Studio, Tuesdays 4-6:40pm