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CALL: Eight-week Artist Residency at Hybrid Body Lab in Ithaca NY Summer 2023 (Applications Due Jan 15, 2023)

Hybrid Body Lab is presenting an eight-week residency in the summer of 2023 for artists to collaborate with researchers to combine on-body design with emerging miniaturized technology. We are inviting artists who use skin and their appendages as a medium from any of the on-body art disciplines, including but not limited to on-skin fashion, (temporary) tattoo art, nail art, makeup, and body art. Artistic practices which sit in between mediums and categories are especially encouraged.

During the eight-week residency, the resident will be invited to get in touch with the latest interactive on-body technologies the lab is exploring, as well as collaborate with lab researchers to conceptualize and develop projects, to explore possibilities of technology-involved art practices.

The residency will occur for a duration of 8 weeks between May 10th, 2023, and August 5th, 2023. Application due January 15th, 2023. More information: