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CYBER Scholarship

The deadline for the DoD Cyber Scholarship is quickly approaching on February 1.

This scholarship provides 100% NYU tuition for 2 years plus a generous stipend in exchange for 2 years of service in a Department of Defense gov’t agency working in cybersecurity after graduation. The service obligation is very modest compared with all you will gain: generous financial support coupled with job placement guidance, work experience, and community support.
Please make plans to submit your application over winter break.
Questions regarding the scholarship and eligibility can be directed to Stef Daley at

Stef Daley 
NYU Tandon School of Engineering affiliate
Mobile: 646-761-3972
Current Projects with the NYU Center for Cybersecurity: 
DARPA SemaFor Program
NSF ASPIRE Scholarship For Service Coordinator
DoD Cyber Scholarship Program Coordinator