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JOB: Casa Bonita, Tech Position

My name is Mark Matamoros, and I was a student within the ITP program from 2019 to 2021. This message pertains to an employment opportunity within Denver, CO (Lakewood). Given the nature of this position, it seems to be suitable for a recent (or perhaps former) ITP student. Casa Bonita, a themed entertainment business, is seeking an individual with a creative, technical background for servicing and programming their entertainment setups/systems. These setups/systems will include a variety of technical items, such as animatronics servicing, show control programming, and possibly handling some audio/lighting duties. ———————————— A couple notes: – I recently collaborated on an arcade-style project (microcontroller programming) for their upcoming re-opening. During my visit, the staff was great, easy to work alongside, and super kind. – The South Park creators (Trey Parker and Matt Stone) purchased this business in 2021. As such, the South Park creative team has become quite involved with this business. This employment opportunity will include the occasional interaction/collaboration with this group. Note: Trey Parker has been making weekly visits. Casa Bonita Website – South Park Episode – ———————————— I must note that my employer Victor Blake presented this information. If you have any questions regarding this opportunity, please send him an email: For the applicants, it would be great if they could prepend the email’s subject line with “[Casa Bonita: Tech Position]”. Additionally, Victor owns a nation-wide Escape Room company (, along with his more recent entertainment company ( He mentioned that there might be some creative/tech opportunities down the road with either of these businesses. So, perhaps this connection could be helpful for future ITP graduates.

While this has yet to be precisely determined, the salary will be floating somewhere around 70-80k a year.  But I need to emphasize, this number does not appear to be solidified.
 By the way, if you have any questions for me, feel free to contact me in any convenient manner. And thanks again, Midori! It was always a pleasure speaking to you. Take care, Mark Matamoros 858-952-6094(Edited)