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JOB: Looking for instructor to run a short build-your-own-Theremin workshop

The radio station WFMU in Jersey City is in the early stages of planning a build-your-own-Theremin workshop. We’re looking for someone who could run such a workshop. Olivia (WFMU music director, host of the great program Radio Ravioli) is CCed. Details that we have so far:
  • It would be paid, though not much (WFMU is a scrappy non profit)
  • I would expect the workshop to take a couple hours, give or take
  • Somewhere around 10-20 participants
  • We might use a very ready-made DIY Theremin kit, or we might order enough components to build from scratch on breadboards
  • Participants would be at different skill levels, probably something like a typical PComp class
Interested folks can contact Olivia Bradley-Skill <> for more info.
[Ghostly Theremin noise here…]