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Call for Contributors: Unveil the Unseen World at the Nexus of Mycology and Microbiology in MYCRO Zine

MYCRO, a multidisciplinary student-run publication based at New York University, invites contributors to illuminate the enigmatic world of mycology and microbiology in unexpected ways.
Our Vision:
We aim to be a catalyst for shedding light on the unseen. The tiniest organisms wield the greatest impact by influencing our existence in ways we often overlook due to their being very good at being not obvious. With a fusion of art, philosophy, poetry, food, and biodesign (to name a few) we strive to bridge diverse fields and unravel the profound connections between the microscopic and the macroscopic. Our goal is to ignite curiosity, provoke thought, and celebrate the beauty and unexpected consequences of minuscule life forms.
What We Seek:
We invite innovative minds from all disciplines to join us on this enthralling journey. Whether you’re a wordsmith, an imaginative artist, a philosopher, a scientist, a gastronomic explorer, a biodesign enthusiast, an architect, or urban specialist, your unique perspective is invaluable. Contribute your thought-provoking articles, captivating visuals, or a blend of both, as we delve into the fascinating intersections of mycology, microbiology, and multidisciplinary realms. Together we hope to unravel the hidden narratives and showcase how these tiny organisms shape our world in unexpected but always meaningful and awe-inspiring ways.
We would love for you to become a part of our dynamic community, where ideas flourish, boundaries blur, and the extraordinary emerges from the ordinary.
To contribute or learn more, visit our IG accountwebsite or email us at Your visionary contributions will help us illuminate the unseen and showcase the boundless influence of the tiniest organisms on our world.