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CALL: Think Tank – Space Stories (to improve life on Earth)

Garage Stories is collaborating with NASA JPL to host an online think tank that will raise awareness and share compelling stories related to the topics explored by NASA JPL thus far. Our aim is to foster a global community that promotes consciousness and reflection on the future of humanity.

The think tank will bring together 15 creatives and technologists from across the US to explore innovative narratives, formats, and distribution strategies that can create real societal impact. This year’s focus will be on the topic of Sea Level Rise.

Why? For decades, NASA JPL’s robotics department has been launching advanced missions to space with the goal of exploring our home planet from afar. These studies have provided valuable insights into the constant evolution of Earth’s land, oceans, and atmosphere, and how they impact our lives. The data collected also offers scientific predictions for the future, revealing how Earth will develop in the coming years and what new realities humanity will face.

Application deadline October 31st