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CALL: Insomnia Labs Request for Proposal for Stability AI Product

Request for Proposal: Stability AI Product Development Overview
Insomnia Labs is seeking proposals from developers and development teams interested in a partnership to create commercially viable products leveraging Stability AI technology.
Significant funding opportunities can be facilitated to support product development efforts.
 Insomnia Labs Responsibilities: РSecure grant / venture capital funding for product development РProvide business development support and guidance РLead go-to-market strategy and marketing efforts Developer/Team Responsibilities: РContribute technical expertise in AI/ML development РLead product & design development efforts РDeliver functioning product(s) leveraging Stability AI technology РBonus points for integrating blockchain technologies (including but not limited to NFTs, smart contracts, etc)
 Compensation Structure: Insomnia Labs will secure funding to support development efforts. If resulting product(s) generate licensing fees or royalties, the development team will receive 30% share of proceeds.
Proposal Guidelines: We welcome proposal submissions from development teams capable of and interested in building innovative products powered by Stability AI capabilities. Proposals should include: – Overview of team skills & experience – Product ideas and visions – Development roadmap/timeline – Resource requirements
Please apply by contactin Noah Kim, Executive Producer at Insomnia Labs: