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JOB: 2024 Catwalk Residency

2024 Catwalk Residency

Catwalk provides a unique, low-tech environment for artists and scholars of all disciplines across the Tisch community to write, reflect, and create on Catwalk’s 70-acre property in Catskill, NY. Residents must be available for a twelve, nineteen, or twenty-six-day stay.
WHEN: May 14 – October 6, 2024
WHERE: Catwalk Institute
WHO: Alumni with a Tisch graduate degree, current Tisch Faculty, and current Tisch staff with a graduate degree (in the arts) from any institution
DEADLINE: February 19th, 11:59pm EST
Application information for the 2024 Catwalk Residency can be found HERE.
For more information about Catwalk, please refer to the Catwalk Residency website.