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JOB: Freelance Gig Lighting and Sensing for an Inflatable Artwork

I am making an inflatable amniotic sac, approx 10×10 feet, that people can enter.  I have been making inflatables for over a decade, and this time I want the piece to have lights so that the person entering the piece will be illuminated. I am looking for a designer/artist that can create a system with a touchable area on the piece to activate the lighting. The artist will be credited as part of the production team.
The piece is for a show about magic that will open at the Ford Foundation in NYC in June.
Here are the sketches of the inner layer of the inflatable. The floor will be quilt-like and reference a placenta, which we will model the outer later after. I am envisioning the lighting to be between the layers.
The piece needs to be ready by mid-May. I would like someone to consult and fabricate the lighting. It will require a couple meetings with us as we finalise modeling of the inflatable, and then working on the piece at my studio in the Navy Yard in Brooklyn. The compensation is $2-3,000, and the 3k would need to include materials.
Here’s my website if people want to know more about my work:

This is part of a body of work I have been developing in the past three years with the demon Lilit, about the shadow side of empathy, trauma and healing modalities, and astrology as storytelling.
Tamar Ettun