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CALL: – Open for Submissions until May 31!

Founded in 2016, publishes poetry/art made for and inseparable from the web (web art, e-poetry,, e-lit, digital language art, etc.) During its first years, was based in Mexico, and all sites were available in both Spanish and English. Now based in New York and Bremen, we still emphasize careful translation, but welcome all languages (and have resigned ourselves to centralizing English). We are open for general submissions until May 31, 2024 and would love to see your work. [NOTE: There may be an extension — check our Instagram for updates!] likes sites as communication-desperate, hypersensitive, and necessary as mouths… sites spiritually aligned with their medium (the web), which, like oral storytelling and oral sex, fundamentally (in its bones) refuses stable structures of power. We want web spaces that surprise and destabilize us into thought/feeling, whether with the simplest HTML/CSS or the newest tech tricks. We publish more poets/artists who learn to code than coders who learn to poet/art (but we gladly welcome both, and anything in between). Send us your best work, and tell your friends! We do not limit the number of works accepted per submission period, and will publish everything we find excellent.