Yeseul Song Fall 2020

Welcome to my class! This is our class home where I’ll be updating resources and notes from our class meetings. This is also where your class blogs will live so we can see each other’s class work.

Class Times

Thursdays, 9:00 AM – 11:30 AM NYC time (GMT-4, until Nov. 1, then GMT-5)

Contacting Me

Book office hours with me on my calendar. I will schedule regular office hour appointment slots which you can book automatically once the semester starts. You’ll need to sign in with your NYU login to see it.

Feel free to email me at if you have any questions or things you want to talk about.

Learning Support

  • Office Hours with me
  • Physical Computing Help Sessions by ITP Residents
    • Every Monday 9AM
    • More info should be sent to your NYU email, from the residents
  • Office Hours with residents, especially following residents are specialized in physical computing: Arnab A Chakravarty, Ashley Jane Lewis, Nuntinee Tansrisakul, August Luhrs

How Class Will Be Run

The most valuable thing we can do when we are in person or online in a class meeting together is to discuss and practice the subject that you’re learning. Any “lecture material” is on this site in video or written form, and assigned for the weeks where we will discuss it. I will expect that you’ve done the readings or watched the videos and tried the lab exercises assigned in advance of each class, and are coming to the class meetings with questions. Class meetings will be mainly discussions and shared demonstrations or experiments, not lectures. Use class time to get me or your classmates to clarify things you didn’t understand from the assigned material.

It’s okay if you couldn’t get a lab exercise or a project to work. When that happens, try to debug it, explain what you did in your blog, and come to class prepared to talk about the details and ask specific questions. Pay attention to your classmates’ work and their questions; quite often, they’ll be asking the same thing as you.

When class meetings are conducted online, I might record the Zoom meetings, if it is useful to the class and if all students consent. We will pause the recording when the discussion needs more privacy, and I will share the recording links only with our class, and set them to expire after the semester. If a question comes up in class or in online office hour meetings that is broadly useful, I may ask you if we can record the answer for others. Your comfort and consent are important, however, so please let me know if you have concerns.

Class Tools

Since this class will be meeting remotely via Zoom this semester, there are a few other tools I’ll be using that you might want to get familiar with:

NYU Google App suite – you’ll need to know these for most of NYU interaction. You have access to the whole suite through your NYU account. Search for NYU Drive. We’ll use mail, calendar, docs, sheets, drive, and slides.

Zoom – Check out Zoom tutorials and resources by NYU.

Class Blogs

Your blogs will be linked here.


Notes/Links from Class Meetings

Week 1

Class Recording – log-in with your account and enter the password.

Week 2

Class Recording – log-in with your account and enter the password.

Week 3

Class Recording – log-in with your account and enter the password.

Week 4

Class Recording

Week 5

Class Recording

Assignment Details

  • Sensor assignment:
    • 1. Review this week’s sensor materials on the class website
    • 2. Find a sensor that you’re interested from the materials, or places like Sparkfun, Sensor Workshop at ITP, or electronic stores you’re familiar with.
    • 3. Ideally, get the sensor, read the data sheet carefully, and try it out. If you can’t get it, do research online.
    • 4. Write a blog post with these items:
      • What does the sensor do?
      • How does the sensor work?
      • What are possible applications of the sensor?
      • Your project idea using the sensor?
      • Your experience trying out the sensor (if you did)
  • Pair for this week (Your feedback mate from last week):
    • Meet with your partner to get to know them and chat more about your Project #1. Also, see what are sensors that your partner’s choosing.
    • Sara – Duncan / Jason – Kay / Marcel – Rui / Yilin, Zhaozhi – Wendy / Esther – Gracia / Jiayuan – Jingyuan / Jeeyoon – Minyoung

Week 6

Class Recording

Value Smoothing

Serial communication pair for this week:

  • Try this week’s serial communications labs and meet with your partner to chat about how it went, to share relevant projects you saw, or project ideas for serial communication.
  • Duncan – Yiran (Marcel) – Yilin / Esther – Wendy / Jason – Minyoung / Rui – Kay / Sara – Gracia / Jeeyoon – Jiayuan / Zhaozhi – Jingyuan

Week 7

Class Recording: 1, 2

Serial communication slides & examples codes

If you want to collaborate on the Project #2 but don’t have a partner, email me I’ll match you up.

Week 8

Class Recording

Project #2 feedback notes

Please fill out the class survey! (see your email)

Parts to get for this week’s lab

Parts to get for future sessions

Week 9

Class recording

Week 10

Project #2 feedback from the class

Week 11

Slides from today’s class

Class Recording

Project Planning: watch the video!

Week 12

Meeting Recording

Collective written feedback for your projects