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Re: JOB: Video Design Associate and Technical Operator – The Builders Association

I’m working on this project, too. If anyone’s interested, you can
email me off-list with questions.

On May 1, 2008, at 9:49 AM, Midori Yasuda wrote:

> the New York-based multimedia performance company The Builders
> Association, for development and touring of a new production.
> Participant will work with artistic director Marianne Weems, video
> designer Peter Flaherty, and an excellent design team to implement
> the video design for a new production. Participant must have a
> strong working knowledge of current video editing and processing,
> including Max MSP, Jitter, digital projection techniques, and real-
> time video playback and operation. Prior performance experience
> (i.e. creating or operating video systems for theater/dance/etc.)
> and the ability to perform under pressure will be a plus.
> The time commitment is approximately 6 weeks of rehearsal in August-
> September 2008 to take place in Urbana, Illinois, and roughly ten
> non-consecutive weeks of domestic and international touring spread
> between October 2008 – Fall 2009. All touring commitments are
> scheduled at least 6 months in advance. Salary, housing, travel
> costs, and per diem are provided. Please send letter and
> information about your prior experience to
> or mail to:
> 453 Broome Street, Suite 4C
> New York, NY 10013
> Founded in 1994 and directed by Marianne Weems, The Builders
> Association is a New York-based performance and media company that
> creates original productions based on stories drawn from
> contemporary life. The company uses the richness of new and old
> tools to extend the boundaries of theater. Based on innovative
> collaborations, Builders’ productions blend stage performance,
> text, video, sound, and architecture to tell stories about human
> experience in the 21st century. From BAM to Bogata, Singapore to
> Melbourne, Minneapolis and Los Angeles to Budapest, The Builders
> Association’s OBIE award-winning shows have toured to major venues
> the world over.
> From Shanghai to Los Angeles, Toronto to Mexico City, CONTINUOUS
> CITY tells the story of a traveling father and his daughter at home
> tethered and transformed by speed, hypermodernity, and failing cell
> phones. The characters they interact with pursue their own
> transnational business, from an internet mogul exploiting
> networking across the developing world to a nanny desperate for
> acting work. The show reaches directly into each city through a
> participatory website and on-site filming to create a global and
> local production.
> —