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[JOB] Buddy Media (Social Networking App Co)


Buddy Media, Inc. is a New York City-based start-up founded by serial
entrepreneurs Michael and Kass Lazerow (Student Advantage/U-Wire, Investors include some of the leading entrepreneurs in the
internet space: PayPal founder and Facebook board member Peter Thiel,
Zynga founder Mark Pincus, WallStrip founder Howard Lindzon, CSTV and
Classic Sports founder Brian Bedol, Stockpickr founder James Altucher,
Monitor110 founder Roger Ehrenberg and Bay Partners.

Launched in September 2007, Buddy Media helps companies build, promote
and monetize social media applications that engage and entertain
users. Its clients are primarily major brands, ad agencies and large
media companies that want to leverage the social networks. Buddy
Media’s rapid application development platform lets brands launch
their applications cost-effectively in a matter of weeks. Its growing
network of applications ensures that users install the applications.
And its AceBucks loyalty program ensures users engage with the
applications and keep coming back again and again to earn AceBucks.

The company’s full-service approach to provide a one-stop-shop to
develop and grow applications on any social network or distribution
platform has attracted some of the world’s leading media companies and
brand marketers. The company’s client list includes,
Microsoft, Anheuser Busch (Sea World and Bud Light),,, Real Simple, Fuser, Sherman’s Travel, Campus Tech, FedEx,
Readers Digest, Huffington Post, Time Inc. and many others.

We are seeking exceptional talent