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[JOB] Interactives Producer, Online NewsHour

Company: NewsHour with Jim Lehrer
Title: Interactives Producer, Online NewsHour
Description: The Interac=
tives Producer for the Online NewsHour with Jim Lehrer is a journalist who c=
an mix programming skills with an ability to research and analyze data for t=
he development of interactive graphics, charts, and other material.
Duties include, but are not limited to, proposing and developing online in=
teractive content and programming of interactive graphics and multimedia pac=
kages for all components of the Online NewsHour. The Producer will work to t=
ap published databases as well as multimedia story telling to develop new fe=
atures of the Online NewsHour.

The Interactives Producer works wit=
h the on-air producers and correspondents to add complementary content and f=
eatures to the site. The Producer will also attend training on computer-assi=
sted reporting and multimedia storytelling and will be expected to bring tho=
se techniques to new projects for the Web site.

The Interactives P=
roducer will also assist with general assignment duties and night web produc=
tion as assigned. Job is located in the Washington, DC area.

FICATIONS: The ideal candidate will have at least 1-3 years of professional =
experience and programming skills in Flash ActionScript, PHP, JavaScript, CS=
S, and other open source languages. Candidates must possess a demonstrated a=
bility to investigate, analyze, and conceive of ways of conveying data and i=
nformation on the Web, a proven ability to develop story-telling in multimed=
ia, as well as experience building and using mySQL databases.

RY: Salary is commensurate with experience.

CONTACT: Interested pa=
rties should fax or e-mail a resume, cover letter and list of references to:=

The Online NewsHour
(703) 820-6266 (fax)
No calls w=
ill be accepted.