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JOB: Web Graphics & Flash Interface/Animation Design – Freelance

Web Graphics & Flash Interface/Animation Design – Freelance

ESI Design is a NYC based exhibit design firm. We create both small
& large scale visitor experiences, combining different media
Including print, interactive and physical. Our projects range from
Cultural institutions to corporate environments, all meant to engage,
Educate & inspire the audience.

Looking for a mid-level designer:

Responsible for:

* Designing e-commerce web screen layouts in Photoshop and
* Producing layered Photoshop files for implementation
* Producing prototypes for web based Flash interfaces

Specific Skills Needed:

* Should be visually sophisticated in graphic design, animation,
Typography, web design and digital imaging techniques
* Advanced experience with Mac based Photoshop, Illustrator and
* Organized and articulate
* Ability to work comfortably under deadlines and direction from
Senior designers.


Amanda Agulnick