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It pays. I don’t know exactly how m=
uch, but you can contact Jeremy for more info.

Begin forwarded message:

From: “Jeremy Krinsley” <>
Date: May 9, 2008 4:44:08 PM EDT

To: “Syed Amin Salahuddin” <=>

Subject: Fwd: THIS IS =

Briefly, the background to the below email is that Impose and Viva Radio wen=
t on a 21 day “tour” stopping for different shows in 18(?) cities and now we=
have a wealth of video, audio and still photography and we are considering =
foregoing a traditional full length tour documentary for a more fragmented p=
resentation of our media.

———- Forw=
arded message ———-
From: Jeremy Krins=
Date: Sun, Apr 27, 2008 at 7:19 PM
Subject: THIS IS NO=
To: Matt <matt@viva-ra=>, Derek Evers <>, Glen <>,, Neil Molitoris <>, Nate <>, jamie <>
Cc: Sheri Barclay &lt=

(Please forward this to Billy. I don’t have his email.)

So a=
fter meeting for a few hours, we’re pretty excited about our plan. In order =
to take advantage of the wealth of material we’re sitting on, we don’t want =
to bury everything in a traditional full-length DVD. Instead, we’d like to t=
ake advantage of post-production DVD menu programming to make all of the mat=
erial accessible. This is a novel way to represent footage and makes more se=
nse for the many fragments we have. It also makes it a whole lot easier to e=
dit this footage, as we wont be worrying about a continuity that doesn’t exi=

The format we’ve devised, we’re pretty sure, doesn’t exist yet e=
ither (for this sort of documentary-style footage). People are totally going=
to bite our idea.

So here it is:

The dvd will be visually rep=
resented by a ‘map’ of our tour route based on the image attached below desi=
gn by Guy Debord.

Upon selecting any city, a new screen opens that d=
isplays selectable text of our separate edited pieces, which we have outline=
d roughly below. That means this isn’t set in stone. If you read through thi=
s and see things we forgot to include, please let us know.

The desig=
n for this ‘map’ is still open for discussion. We have a few ideas.

When rolling over a city, audio will play (many of Sheri’s tape-recorded so=
und bytes will work here)
– Image and text could also pop up on the main=
map when a particular city is selected
– Incidental footage unique to a=
given city  could play continuously within that city’s menu screen
– This structure allows for playlists for audio as well as slide shows for N=
ate Dorr’s photography.
– Profiles for Viva and Impose should be accessib=
le on the main menu item, with links to  internal menus for each compan=
y. The profiles should include (humorous) bits on each of the on-camera pers=
onalities, as well as footage explaining the purpose of the trip (i.e., Dere=
k trying to tell a hick what exactly he’s doing in the middle of Texas)
-Potentially a mission sort of statement about the title of the dvd THIS IS =

(including use of Sheri’s audio, Billy’s audio, Nate Dorr’s photography=
, and video footage)

New York

Aa (Jeremy interview w/ footage=
Health live (with springfield interview)
Ghengis Tron (Ted interview=
w/ footage)
Cheveu (Ted interview w/ footage)
(Live montage footage: =
Knyfe Hyts, Dan Deacon, Ponytail, etc)


Danger Danger G=
allery ‘tour’
Team Robespierre interview
Incidental: street shots, gle=
n eating


P+L (ted interview / baltimore footage mixe=
d with Philly footage)
Ecstatic sunshing (gordon interview/ ted guitar th=
ing / footage)
Doubled Dagger (old interview / footage / Ted talks to ba=
ssist for 20 seconds)
Incidental:  Eating at Lexington market Glenn =
food, Neil Waking up in apartment, Floristree tour by Shawn with Jamie

Brainworms (gordon interview / footage)
trailer park =
nara sushi (metalhead interview / sushi chef / interior shots)red rocket live (link to philly danger danger tour)
Incidental: Phillip =
Morris night shot


Man man (Gordon interview / foota=
Extraordinaires (Gordon interview / footage)
Felice Brothers (Gord=
on interview / footage)
Incidental: tow truck, house party (few seconds )=


scene piece: Cave 9, Tattoo parlor, Gordon gettin=
g tattoo, mansion

New Orleans

The Slits (Gordon interview, foo=
Peelander-Z (incidental footage)
Incidental: Lower ninth ward s=


American Apparel store footage:
— Eebo Weebo =
(interview / footage)
— Blood on the wall (interview / footage)
— in=
cidental: people hanging out in store / dancing
— Ted + Sheri MCing
VRX montage of bands
Rancho Relaxo montage of bands
Vivian Girls inte=
rview / brief footage
Neptune interview / brief footage
UGK Bankroll J=
onesz hijack
Incidental: sixth street montage, glenn eating bbq, house pa=
rty, PT Cruiser incident,

Little Rock

DeathSet (interview / =
These are Powers (interview / footage)

Health (interview / with link to footage in New York)
Crystle Castles fo=
otage (10 seconds)

St. Louis

An Albatross (footage / intervie=
Coliseum (footage / interview)
Apes (footage / interview)
ntal: shitty motel pool, highway through dash night shot, glenn in van liste=
ning to am track story from sheri


Panther (footage =
/ interview)
Incidental: exterior of venue with drug dealer, stu calling=
hotline, locals, STATE troopers
(Audio insert: girl talking about satan =
+ knoxville)


Incidental: What=3DA=3DBurger

Brother Ali (interview / footage)
Abstract Rude (interview =
/ footage)
Incidental: Spring break, Tampa street shots, Sheri and Cassad=
y being crazy, Jamie puking fake over vomit, Drunk Stu, Sheri talks to wrong=
black dude, Highlinder


Black Lips (individual inter=
views / footage)
Quintron (Sheri interview / footage)
Puppet show
ubsonics (interview / footage (more footage on Matt’s  digital camera) =
Incidental: backstage (Bradford Cox), ‘dance party’, house party (getti=
ng ring), fireside chat btwn sheri + derek, Easter sunday church footage