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JOB: Senior Producer, Ugobe Life Forms

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Hi gang,

This (and the following post) are about jobs at UGOBE, where I
currently work. (,

Feel free to ask me casual questions; more official correspondence=20
should go to Kareem Issa at If you send in=20
a resme feel free to mention our connection, however tenuous and=20
bridged by the decades. I’m trying to bring some ITP spirit into=20
this place.



Senior Producer =96 Job Description

Job Function/Purpose:

The Senior Producer is involved in the production of multiple
projects and/or a franchise, and supports the Studio head in
managing those projects. The Senior Producer uses his or her
experience on the front lines to improve production and
organizational processes.

The Senior Producer works in all aspects of the production of a
game/character design and generally is responsible for taking=20
whole sections of production. These sections can be the=20
of particular work pipelines, such as the animation, cinematic,
programming, design, scripting, or sound pipelines. Producers
track the schedule of these pipelines, manage assets, identify
weaknesses, bottlenecks, and risks in the schedule, and
troubleshoot communication and schedule dependency problems.
Producers may manage production testing, internal approvals,
licensor approvals, localization, archiving, and other aspects of
game production. Regardless of the Producer=92s specific=20
functions usually encompass scheduling, budgeting, organizing,
coordinating & managing issues and personnel.

Skills needed include exceptional attention to detail and ability
to respond quickly to changing business needs/timelines and
completing quality projects on time. Past experience producing
successful games on PC and Consoles, online gaming, storytelling,
and content is essential. Also, experience with MMO games, online
communities, knowledge of emerging robotic technologies and=20
communication skills.

The Senior Producer=92s role is to maintain existing and to grow=20
Life Form initiatives into a successful and thriving business!=20
ideal candidate possesses the experience and ability to define,
manage, and launch consumer electronic products. This individual
will demonstrate a proven track-record of delivering high-quality
products on tight timelines. They must have experience in=20
and tracking production budgets. Furthermore, our ideal candidate
will be a forward-looking individual who has their finger on the
pulse of technology, and the ability to identify emerging trends
and business opportunities. We require a senior-level producer
with at least five years combined experience in game development.

This job requires the ability to roll up your sleeves in
day-to-day production while maintaining a long vision for the
direction of the product and the market.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

=95 Driving the creative process
=95 Communicating and promoting project vision
=95 Write Functional Specifications
=95 Create and maintain development schedules
=95 Create and maintain budgets
=95 Obtain legal and editorial clearances
=95 Obtaining management approvals
=95 Define objectives and deliverables
=95 Identifying and contracting 3rd party talent
=95 Risk management
=95 Manage the flow of assets and information between teams and=20
=95 Create Quality Assurance Test Plans
=95 Manage the QA process
=95 Prepare presentation material and demos
=95 Prepare traffic and usage reports on an as-needed basis
=95 Coordinate contracts and contract amendments
Coordinate payment of invoices for outside vendors
=95 Responsible for planning, scheduling, asset sourcing, and
=95 This person will be the center of a project team concentrating
on building new projects based on UGOBE franchises and is
responsible for optimizing existing products.
=95 Tasks include the organizing and stimulating the creative
process, tracking and coordinating the team=92s projects, ensuring
deliverables are met in a timely manner, and reporting progress=20
=95 This person will also oversee all quality assurance testing and
live content deployment.
=95 This position is central to the successful ongoing operation of
these products and to maintaining the high entertainment=20
in line with the quality of all UGOBE Life Forms and creates fun
and outstanding end-user/customer experiences.
=95 Responsible for breaking down large or complex projects into
meaningful subprojects.
=95 In addition he/she will assimilate diverse information and
assessing the impact on each piece of the project as well as on
the project as a whole by using project management software tools
to develop detailed project plans and to track status.
=95 In this position you=92ll identify all groups that may be=20
by the project, and involving them =96 actively soliciting their
input by holding regular meetings with the project team to=20
status, resolve issues and share information.
Does this sound like you?
=95 Able to work well in a milestone-driven, team development
=95 Technical aptitude
=95 Logical approach to the solution of problems
=95 Able to work independently
=95 Able to visualize and conceptualize
=95 Creative and artistic personality
=95 Commitment to understanding and using new technology
=95 Excellent team and communication skills
=95 Keen interest in robotics
=95 Spent time with pets/animals
=95 Willing to travel and/or relocate
=95 Flexible in work hours
=95 Genuinely intrigued by the concept of artificial life

Education and Work Experience

=95 Must be passionate about games/character development.
=95 Must be willing to commit and take responsibility for projects
under their supervision.
=95 Very organized self-starter willing to assume responsibility.
=95 Ability to lead multiple projects and teams from start to
=95 Previous senior-level Producer experience with game
development/publisher required
=95 7+ years experience in in PC or console game production and
familiarity with product management tools; additional experience
in MMO development a plus
=95 Must have experience managing the QA process
=95 A creative background is recommended, preferably in game=20
and/or the entertainment industry
=95 College degree or equivalent
=95 Established communication, people, presentation and
organizational skills
=95 Understanding of Brand development very helpful
=95 Must set and achieve the highest standards
=95 Must be an enthusiastic game player
=95 Must be deadline driven and detail-oriented =96 a strategic
critical thinker who also has a high attention to detail
=95 Must be able to adapt to rapidly shifting priorities in
fast-paced environment
=95 Must be a strong, clear communicator! The ability to=20
with multiple teams is required, including: marketing, sales,
engineering, creative, QA, and more
=95 Must be able to draft excellent project briefs, content
specifications, test plans, and process documents
=95 Self starter with high level of initiative
=95 Passionate, committed and high level of energy
=95 Strong sense of ownership and urgency
=95 Ability to manage multiple projects, set priorities and meet
=95 Strong verbal, written and presentation skills
=95 Ability to analyze and apply data to improve results
=95 Team player
=95 Excellent organizational skills

=95 Professional or advanced degree is a bonus.
=95 Proven creative talent in game design.
=95 Demonstrated experience shipping product at AAA level of=20
in a design capacity role.
=95 Previous robotics work or hobby experience.
=95 Multiplayer/MMO development experience highly desirable.
=95 A passion for games, robots and technology.