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JOB: Software Application Programmer/Character Programmer , Ugobe Life Forms

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Hi gang,

This (and the previous post) is about a job at UGOBE, where I
currently work. (, The company is located=20
in Emeryville, which is between Oakland and Berkeley, a 20 minute=20
drive from SF.

Feel free to ask me casual questions; more official correspondence=20
should go to Kareem Issa at If you send in=20
a resme feel free to mention our connection, however tenuous and=20
bridged by the decades. I’m trying to bring some ITP spirit into=20
this place.


Software Application Programmer/Character Programmer =96 Job=20

Job Function/Purpose:

As an application programmer at UGOBE you will participate in the=20
design, development and creation of unique Life Form*=20
personalities and character development. You will work with the=20
Life Form development team consisting of producers, animators,=20
sound designers, programmers, quality assurance and marketing=20
teams to execute the creative vision of the Life Form. This=20
position requires excellent organizational skills, good oral and=20
written communication skills, and a high level of interpersonal=20
skills. Must be a self-motivated team player able to work in a=20
customer-oriented, fast-paced, and demanding environment with=20
minimal supervision. You should be results oriented and have a=20
genuine passion for learning new things.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

=95 Lead the programming effort for the creation of a Life Form=92s=20
Personality Module (PM)**
=95 Code custom personalities for UGOBE Life Forms utilizing our=20
proprietary LifeOS=99 engine and development tools.
=95 Assist in the design and definition of Life Form software=20
=95 Write technical specifications documentation before implementing=20
code design
=95 Schedule frequent code reviews to ensure vision is consistent=20
with Life Form development
=95 Draw up detailed design documentation including charts and=20
diagrams that outline the various concepts and components=20
=95 Test the Life Form and make amendments to enhance its=20
=95 Write release notes with each build
=95 Work with software team to establish and maintain coding=20
processes, standards, and methodologies.
=95 Proactively post and fix bugs in your areas of responsibility.
=95 Implementation of software in C++ and other languages.
=95 Debugging and optimization of software.
=95 Participate in design and code reviews.
=95 Design software systems through consultation and coordination=20
with other programmers.
=95 Write design documentation.
=95 Follow group standards and best practices.
=95 Assist and mentor other programmers in areas of domain expertise=20
or specialization.
=95 Expand knowledge of robotics, game technologies and systems.
=95 Ability to define and estimate time for personal tasks as well=20
as generate and track a schedule for those tasks.
=95 Receive tasks and some technical direction from the lead=20
=95 Gather requirements, design, write, and maintain software.
=95 Seek advice of other programmers proactively.
=95 Collaborate with artists and designers on the requirements and=20
design of tools and systems.
Does this sound like you?
=95 Able to work well in a milestone-driven, team development=20
=95 Technical aptitude
=95 Logical approach to the solution of problems
=95 Able to work independently
=95 Able to visualize and conceptualize
=95 Creative and artistic personality
=95 Commitment to understanding and using new technology
=95 Excellent team and communication skills
=95 Keen interest in robotics
=95 Spent time with pets/animals
=95 Willing to travel and/or relocate
=95 Flexible in work hours
=95 Genuinely intrigued by the concept of artificial life

Education and Work Experience

=95 Professional game development experience
=95 B.S. in Computer Science or a related field
=95 5 – 8 years of developing game products for the gaming industry
=95 3 =96 5 years of console or embedded development
=95 Programmed at least two publish game titles
=95 Development experience with C, C++ or Java
=95 Ability to lead a software team and project from beginning to=20

=95 Extensive knowledge of PAWN scripting language
=95 Expertise in one or more of the following areas: physics, game=20
audio, game logic, cameras, animation, game tools, etc.
=95 Proven creative talent in game design
=95 Demonstrated experience shipping product at AAA level of quality=20
in a design capacity role
=95 Previous robotics work or hobby experience
=95 Multiplayer/MMO development experience highly desirable
=95 A passion for games, robots and technology

*Life Form Definition:
A sophisticated electromechanical character based robot designed=20
to mimic real life, provide companionship and entertain its=20

** Personality Module Definition (or ) PM:
The PM is the core game script written in PAWN that is the heart=20
of a Life Form=92s personality. The Personality Module combines all=20
the content and media to bring the =93robot=94 to life.