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Re: AS3 Multitouch Freelance Job

uuuh. if you’re moving a puck, it ain’t multitouch, brah.

On May 20, 2008, at 6:32 PM, Ian Curry wrote:

> Hello List –
> We’re looking for someone with strong AS3 skills to develop a map-
> based multitouch interface. The map software will be a permanent
> part of the soon-to-be-redesigned New York City Visitor Center on
> 52nd Street. We’ve specified three large (6′ x 3.5′) multitouch
> tables that will sit in the middle of the space and be used to show
> an interactive map of NYC. By moving a physical puck around the map,
> visitors will be able to get information about various areas, and
> create custom guidebooks.
> We’re looking for someone to develop the interface for the table. In
> general we need someone with super strong AS3 skills, who is able to
> create elegant, manageable, and well-structured code. We’re going to
> be loading a lot of data in and out, and since this has to run for
> 12 hour stretches, the code need to be very efficient and memory-
> friendly. The visual and interaction design is mostly complete, so
> it should be a pretty straightforward development job, though we
> would love to get someone with a good sense of how to make a UI flow
> well. We’re open to other suggestions as far as the development
> language, but there are a few open source components available to
> Flash that would be a lot of work to port to another language. The
> underlying framework that does the multitouch sensing is taken care
> of through a separate piece of software, so we only need development
> of the client interface.
> The project will need to wrap up September 15, and we’d like to be
> testing something by the middle of August. I can send an RFP with
> more specs and visual design to interested parties. Should be a
> really fun job and, as I mentioned, will be both permanent and
> prominent within the space. If you’re interested or have questions,
> please reply to Thanks!
> Ian
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