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[JOB] LeapFrog: Learning Designer

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LeapFrog’s Learning De=
partment=A0has=A0immediate openings=A0for individuals=A0with expertise in ma=
th/science learning, and curriculum design.=A0=A0This growing team is respon=
sible for the educational quality of content and pedagogy across all product=
s including toys, platforms, and web–LeapFrog’s major, new Connected strate=


Learn about=


Connected product details:
Literacy (Tag):

ming (didj, Leapster2; all subjects)

Learning Path (web tool to help parents see their ki=
ds’ learning and extend it):
g: Learning Designer: Math, Science, and K-12 Education
Status: F=
ulltime, permanent
Location:=A0 Emeryville, CA


The Learning Team at LeapFrog is=
responsible for the educational quality of content and pedagogy across all =
products including toys, platforms, and web.=A0 Maintaining and enhancing th=
e high-quality learning design is a core company value, fundamental to our c=
ompetitive advantage.=A0 Learning Designers are responsible for the educatio=
nal quality of products in one more subject matter domains.=A0 This position=
focuses on math, science, and all aspects of learning for children and yout=
h, K-12.=A0 Reports to the Director of Learning.



Be the internal expert on learning math, science, and oth=
er school subjects, along with learning across formal and informal settings =
(home-school connections, museums, etc.)=A0
Advise producers, game designers, product designers, web develope=
rs and others on appropriate content, pedagogy and assessment strategies Review materials and product prototy=
pes and make design recommendations.
Collaborate with the Research Dept on formative and summative assessment=
s of learning processes and outcomes.
Maintain a library of learning resources, and external consultants. Stay current on trends in math-scien=
ce teaching, learning, and assessment.


10+ years experience teaching and=
/or designing learning activities in school or informal learning environment=
s (museums, after-school programs, etc.).=A0
Experience in the design and analysis of interactive learning en=
vironment a plus.
Knowledgeable o=
f how children learn and develop from infancy through adolescence.=A0 Unders=
tanding of cognitive development related to math and science a plus.
Familiar with traditional and innovative=
strategies for teaching, learning, and assessment in both formal and inform=
al settings.=A0
Familiar with pro=
duct development processes a plus
Experience planning and conducting workshops Very organized, attention to detail, Graduate degree in Education, the Learning Sciences, or rel=
ated fields.=A0 PhD or EdD a plus.=A0