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Small Web Design Job: Dysautonomia Foundation

The Dysautonomia Foundation is looking for some assistance in
redesigning their website. If interested, contact them directly.


We’re looking for some help with a redesign of our website. We need
help with both the creative side and the implementation of the
pages. Depending on the complexity, I should be able to maintain the
pages and update content, but there will be an ongoing need for new
pages as we introduce new events and new aspects of our website.
Most pages will be primarily informative content, but we do receive
a significant number of online donations, and we do conduct some
events that require forms, reports, etc. that are currently managed
through an SQL database.

We are flexible regarding the hours, and most of the work could be
done off-site.


David Brenner
Executive Director
Dysautonomia Foundation, Inc.
315 W. 39th St. #701, NY, NY 10018
212 279-1066 (office)
212 279-2066 (fax)