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GIG: Occasional web graphics for

Hey team,

From time to time we need some graphics put together for and my usual resources here in SF have dried up.

If you or someone you know would be interested in occasional, somewhat
unpredictable small projects – such as buttons, fan badges, animated
gifs, and the occasional dino promo image – let me know. The work will
be bound by our style guide, but within that you can be creative! We
usually need quick turnarounds – eg, we’ll have an assignment on a
Thursday and need things for Monday. Bonus points for the Flash-
enabled person whom I can ask for simple animation work as well.

For samples of the type of work I am talking about, see the silly
dinosaurs on this page:

To be really clear – this is not a web design gig but rather a little
bit of asset creation. I would estimate that we have a small gig every
other week or so. I would love to have a steady, reliable person to
call in a pinch.

Drop me your portfolio, rates and general availability at my work

Forward at will to current students and friends…no recruiters/boards