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JOB:Web Technologist/Technical Producer for

> Subject: Web Technologist/Technical Producer for Movie Site
>, the site of the AMC movie channel, is looking for a
> technical
> producer. You will be the production lead for the web site, working
> closely with developers and outside vendors.
> Duties include coding templates (in CSS, HTML, Javascript),
> integrating
> Flash onto the site and managing flash developers, preparing pages to
> use DART advertising tags, jointly developing new applications and
> content management platforms, building Moveable Type templates and
> improving functionality, using MT tags and light PHP, conducting
> technical QA on new features and applications, working with
> vendors to
> develop small-scale applications such as games using various
> technologies such as Flash, Java, Javascript, PHP.
> Needed Skills:
> Moveable Type tags
> Light PHP
> Javascript
> Photoshop
> Conceptual understanding of application development and databases
> Experience
> 2-3 years performing similar functions at a fast-paced, high-
> traffic, or
> quickly growing site
> Competitive salary
> Send resumes and cover letters to