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Re: [JOB] part-time interactive designer

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Wow! I wish more people ran around ITP in their underwear when I was there.=

As for this Raving Lunatic confusion –

From Wikipedia – &quot=
;Raver is a word that has been used since the 1960s to describe people who a=
re enthusiastic attendees of parties"

If your still not sure here is a candy coated DIY :

As for Lunatic – well we all know that this refers to d=
eranged behavior stemming from
ones body-relation with the time cycles of the moon (Luna-TIC TOC)
This =
clearly refers to women suffering from PMS
To learn more about PMS watch =

Also from Wikipedia
"In Russian, Polish and Czech, a lunatic r=
efers to a sleepwalker, literally "one who walks under the moon" o=
r "moon walker".
Which is obviously this:

So i think it's pretty clear that Omnigon considers Adults with Pac=
ifiers, Women with PMS, and Michael Jackson to all be inappropriate candidat=
es for their interaction design position.

You really got to read thes=
e job descriptions carefully if you hope to impress during the interview.

On Fri, May 30, 2008 at 6:01 PM, Amos Bloomb=
erg <> wrote:
Bala is one of the few people brave enough to protest the Cartesian coordin=
ate system.

meghan trainor wrote:

ooh, time for the annual Bala Protest video posting: <

On Fri, May 30, 2008 at 1:31 PM, Jeff Gray < <>> wrote:

   Well "stark raving mad" implies random, yet consist=
ent fits of nude
   lunacy, or so I've heard. See "Bala Protests This&qu=
ot; (starring Bala
   Natarajan) for more details.

   But without the stark, its anyone's guess.


   Henry Harvey wrote:

       What exactly does "raving lunatic" me=

       Could be an ADA problem.

       Jeff Galusha wrote:

           Omnigon is a new manhattan based =
interactive / software
           design company. We are looking fo=
r a part-time interactive
           designer who "gets it,"=
is dependable, articulate, and not a
           raving lunatic.

           Skill Set:

           =B7         A=
dobe CS3 Creative Suite

           =B7         F=
lash Design

           =B7         W=
orking knowledge of HTML and CSS

           =B7         F=
lash Action Script a plus

            20 – 30 hours a week, with rate =
based on experience.
            Send your resume and portfolio l=
ink(s)  to

           < <mailto:igor.ulis@omnigon.c=

tp-alumni as:







   —” target=3D”_blank”>




.edu” target=3D”_blank”>” target=3D”_blank”>leave-93=” target=3D”_blank”>” target=3D”_blank”>leave-93=