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INTERN: StoryCorps Fall 2008 Internships

>> StoryCorps
>> 80 Hanson Pl, 2nd Floor
>> Brooklyn, NY 11217
>> Listen Closely |
>> StoryCorps and its parent organization, Sound Portraits
>> Productions, Inc., are now preparing for the Fall internship
>> semester, which begins in September. Internships last four months
>> and are available on a semester basis in the spring (mid-January
>> through mid-May), summer (mid-May through mid-September), and fall
>> (mid-September through mid-January). Internships are available in
>> the following departments: Archive, Development, Facilities,
>> Marketing and Communications, MobileBooth, Outreach, Participant
>> Relations, Production, StoryBooth and StoryKit. Unless otherwise
>> noted, interns work in the morning (9:30 AM