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JOB: Smart Design, Interaction Designer

>> Smart Design is busier than ever and we’re looking for talented
>> designers. Please take a look and forward this job on to anyone
>> you think would be interested in the position, or anyone else who
>> could help us find a great candidate.
>> Thanks for your help!
>> Company: Smart Design
>> Job Title: Interaction Designer
>> Job Description: Smart Design is looking for designers with top-
>> notch skills and experience creating user interfaces for a variety
>> of consumer electronic products and services.
>> Our teams include design researchers, industrial designers,
>> graphic designers, and engineers working to produce the best
>> possible user experiences. We work on a wide range of hardware-
>> software projects including In-Car dashboards, HDTV UIs, Robotics,
>> Mobile UI & Services, Touch-enabled devices, and more.
>> Our process includes:
>> design research and strategy
>> scenario storytelling
>> sketching in hardware and software
>> experience prototyping at all levels
>> delivering on our strategy
>> Ultimately, we make products for people and their everyday lives.
>> Company Description: Smart Design is consistently recognized as
>> one of the top design firms in the world. Our approach integrates
>> product development, interactive experiences, brand communication,
>> and strategic services to ensure winning design solutions. Smart
>> Design