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[Room] For our intern, in Manhattan

Hi List-

Our company,=
Socialight’s intern, Simon, got to NYC a couple of weeks ago and needs a pl=
ace to stay with his girlfriend through Feb.  He’s mature, a great guy,=
and realizes what he’s asking for is tough to find.  See below…

We are a =
couple from Germany looking for ONE room for the next 5-6 months. I (Si=
mon, 27) work at a web startup company, my girlfriend (Sam, 24) at an advert=
ising agency, so we are both full-employed and will be out working most of t=
he time during the week.
Since all we bring are two suitcases the =
room doesnt have to be that big, all we need is a clean place where we can s=
leep and hang out a little!
Preferably, we were loo=
king for something in Downtown Manhattan.
We are bo=
th very clean, reliable, respectful and easy going people…
On th=
e weekends we like to enjoy a movie, got to a park or visit a bar or a jazz =
club. In Germany we lived together in an apartment for several years, which =
we managed to keep very clean and neat and our landlord never had any proble=
ms with us.
The budget is $900 – 1300 (really depen=
ds on the place..).
Our working hours are 9am-6pm (approx) so anyt=
hing before/after that would work to visit the aparment/room.
Please dont hesitate to ask anything you’d additionally need to know…:)

Hope to hear from you soon!
ntact: simon.baumgartn=