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Re: [looking] part-time job

Doubletrue on the list-Serv thing. You can sign up via in
the bottom right corner. Most of them seem to be low volume enough to
handle quite easily. I subscribed to 40 at some point in some mountain
dew haze of glory and I haven’t lookked back since.

Strained Yet oddly soothed over,


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On Jan 5, 2009, at 8:46 PM, Sonaar Luthra wrote:

> Hey Sara,
> There are definitely low-key work-study jobs around the university –
> I’d walk in to the Wasserman center (2nd floor at the Palladium,
> 13th st. entrance). They’ll have you fill out a form or two to get
> you in the system, then you’ll get online access to job listings.
> Pretty painless, just get on it fast since there’s definitely less
> openings for the Spring than for Fall . . .
> Another really good option is to sign up for list-servs in other
> departments via NYU home – they all get midori-style emails and you
> might find a nice arrangement assisting someone on your own time –
> last year I got paid really well to search for old newspaper
> articles on online databases for a woman writing a book, really
> simple stuff, low-stress, and no paperwork . . .
> ~Sonaar
> On Jan 5, 2009, at 12:10 PM, Sara Bremen wrote:
>> Hey guys,
>> I was wondering if you all had some advice about part-time work for
>> the spring.
>> I’m looking for something very low-key (coffee shop style, even),
>> just a couple of days a week (12-16 hours total). I would be down
>> for media-related work, but low-stress is pretty key. Does anyone
>> do work-study in places other than the ER? Is anyone’s super hip,
>> super well-paying pastry shop hiring?
>> Thanks for any thoughts/ideas/advice.
>> xoxo
>> Sara
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