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Re: JOB: Digital Producer, UI Developer, Flash Developer for Arnold Worldwide

Who writes this stuff?

>we’d pimp out our own
> mothers to get a good Flash guy or gal around here

Charming. How about paying an above-average wage with strong benefits?

>Not to beat a moribund horse, but this position
>> focuses primarily on production, so your experience should be
> weighted in interactive/digital rather than creative design.

Yeah, ’cause we all know those people “weighted
in interactive/digital” aren’t creative.

> > The copywriter who wrote all that has no clue what it means, but
> she’s a little slow.

Slow? As in insulting to just about everybody?
Good idea. Get someone who has no idea of what
the job entails to write the ad.

> > Digital Producer
>> Is your mantra, “Build it and they will log on”? Because Arnold’s
>> ARLINGTON, VA office is looking for a Master of the InterWeb to
>> take our digital work from infancy to final execution. You’ll be
>> the grand poohbah of project deliverables, schedules and budgets.
>> Communication skills are vital since you’ll be keeping on top your
>> personal three-ring circus, from creatives to vendors to clients.
>> Come armed with at least two years’ experience as a new media/
>> interactive producer (and if you’ve got advertising/direct
>> marketing experience to boot, we’ll give you first dibs on all the
>> leftovers in the kitchen). All in all, we need a self-motivated,
>> multitasker extraordinaire for this job, because it’s basically a
>> big juggling act minus the clown suit. But if you wanna wear one in
>> your spare time, it’s nobody’s business.
>> Key Responsibilities:
>> Scopes all projects in terms of deliverables, schedule, and budget
>> Works with creative teams from the earliest concept stage forward,
>> to ensure that the most innovative creative and production methods
>> are employed.
>> Sources and evaluates quality vendors to ensure that creative and
>> production is supported with the most innovative and effective tools
>> Bid out and negotiate contracts with outside vendors, with help of
>> Business Affairs